Patrimonious Radio

The Challenge
Find a song to go with each chapter of the book, both in content and vibe. BUT, since I list the music I listened to while writing in the credits of my books, I was only permitted to use that music. An interesting retrospective into how my writing may or may not have been influenced by the music, despite not listening to the specific songs while writing the respective chapter. Relating these songs to the content of the book also involves an observation of the universal experiences that are shared through personal stories in books and music.

Voice Actors
Jay H. Cults as King of the Airwaves, Tony Santoni
Katie A. as the Newscaster
Tweed Jefferson as the Sheriff

Don’t Look Back
Written by John Lee Hooker
Performed by John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison
©2007 John Lee Hooker Estate

By Dr. Dog
©2012 Anti/Epitaph

It’s Gonna Come Down (On You)
Written by J. Seals/D. Crofts
Performed by Seals and Crofts
©1973 Warner Records Inc.

Caroline Says I
By Lou Reed
©1973 RCA Records

Written by Roger Waters
Performed by Pink Floyd
©1979 Pink Floyd Music
Arranged by Andy Rehfeldt

Every Day of My Life
Written by Beeb Birtles
Performed by Little River Band
©1976 EMI Music

Time Waits for No One
Written by Drummond, Pack, Puerta, North
Performed by Ambrosia
©1975 Warner Records

Going to a Town
Written by Rufus Wainwright
Performed by George Michael
©2014 2014 G.K. Panayiotou

All in a Mouse’s Night
Written by Tony Banks
Performed by Genesis
©1976 Charisma Records

Have a Cigar
Written by Roger Waters
Performed by Foo Fighters featuring Brian May
©2000 Roswell/RCA

Arthur’s Theme
Written by Cross/Bacharach/Sager/Allen
Performed by Ger O Donnell

You Can Leave, But It’s Gonna Cost You
By Marvin Gaye
©1978 Motown Records

Everyone’s Gone to the Movies
Written by Becker/Fagan
Performed by Steely Dan
©1975 UMG Recordings Inc.

By Frank Zappa
©1974 DiscReet

You Shook Me
Written by Dixon/Lenoir
Performed by Led Zeppelin
©1969 Atlantic

Angry Eyes
Written by Loggins/Messina
Performed Live by Kenny Loggins

Alive and Kickin’
Written by Gilbert/Martin/Pessis/Sheehan/Torpey
Performed by Mr. Big
©1991 Evolution Media LTD

Killing in the Name of
Written by Zack de la Rocha
Performed by Metaphump

Only the Children
Written by Williams/Lukather/Paich
Performed by Francesca Luna

Yertle the Turtle
Written by Dr. Seuss
Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers
©1985 EMI

Victim or the Crime
Written by Graham/Weir
Performed by The Grateful Dead
©1990 Arista

Written by Gilmour/Waters/Wright/Mason
Performed by Scott Chasolen