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At Squill, it’s all about you. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get their hands on your work! No matter the cost to us. Hell, we’d sell our soul for ya.

Squill Publishing exists to do one thing, which happens to be many things. We want to coach young creators on the process of turning their work into something great. We want to use our array of experience and own creative drive to refine the work into something incredible. And we want to help creators build their personal brand and take control of their image and material.

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Not that I want to put myself out of a job, but you should know if it’s right for you to find a traditional publisher, an ‘alternative’ publisher (like us), or go for it on your own. This short pamphlet will give you an idea of what’s required to take your book to market, leaving you to decide what to do with your manuscript or art.

Artists/Authors are welcome to share or distribute this document to their network. The more you know…

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Tweed JeffersonExecutive Editor

Tweed is an author (obviously). He’s also a black belt in several Japanese martial arts, plays a silly number of instruments, and likes to make things – from custom arcade machines to hand-carved guitars. Lately, it’s Kumiko and modular furniture. After writing a bunch of books during quarantine, he decided to go back to school to study veterinary (wildlife) medicine. The exams and essays have significantly slowed his ability to write books, but he promises to have a couple more done this year.

He oversees publication, editing, and design for Squill Publishing, working hand-in-hand with creators on their projects and behind-the-scenes in all things art and writing. Tweed has over two decades of experience in music production and publishing. He spent the same twenty years earning a ‘real’ living as a web and graphic designer. All of this experience, Tweed shares with young creatives to help cultivate their work and professional affairs. While still somehow writing his own work, apparently. His ninth book, Patrimonious, will be released on January 11, 2024!

Tweed’s flagship novel, Rockstar Nobody, will be released as an all-new “Remastered” second edition in Winter 2024.

Publisher Jay H. Cults
Jay H. CultsArtist Relations President

Author of Magnovi: Secrets and Songbirds, Jay is a cynic, in love with creation, drinks, and world domination. They are an English major who is much too eccentric. As if that’s a surprise. What artist isn’t? It’s a cliche at this point, but a needed one. Can you imagine a boring artist?

Jay oversees our artist relations and marketing departments. They’re the one to talk to regarding any queries about artists in our community.

Grimace, Jay’s third novel, will be released in early 2024 by Squill Publishing.

The much-anticipated sequel to Magnovi: Secrets and Songbirds, Hoaxes and Hydra, will be released in 2024 as well.


Check out these new and upcoming releases from our community!

A collection of art, poetry, and assorted creativity from central California student artists.

drinks drugs and memories book cover

Drinks, Drugs, and Memories, a memoir by steven borella.

mystery thriller Patrimonious book cover with psychedelic brain

What happens when a man with dementia decides to get revenge?

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You can help bring Squill Publishing to your area! Connect us with local book stores and art galleries where we can share our creators’ work. Or if you’re tuned in to the scene in your town, we can help publish a collection of art and writing that represents your community – and you can be a part of the process! Check out Good Enough! for a recent example of a community anthology.

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Do you love to read? Will you give honest feedback? Do you want to check out the newest books before they are published? Sign up to be added to our Beta Reader group and let your voice be heard before these works are released to the public. You’ll even get your name in the back of the book!

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Please submit your portfolio or manuscript to queries@squillpublishing.com

If you’re new to the publishing world, check out our free guide for some helpful information about working with a publisher.

Publishing Manuscript Wish List

We’re always down to take a look at the next great work, but some of the projects we’re dying to work on lately include:

  • Edgy Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction – but not the periodsĀ everyone writes about
  • Mixed-Medium – Artist/Writers
  • Off-Color Coloring Books
  • Serial Killer Fiction
  • Memoirs of regular-ish people (and not-so-regular people)
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Revenge Stories
  • Real-World with minute elements of fantasy

Autistic Authors

Squill Autistic Authors

We’re putting together a collection of writing from autistic adults telling their stories of growing up feeling different, how they see the world, and how later-life diagnoses changed them.

But you know what I really want to read? Neurodiverse narrators that aren’t pandering to that audience. Characters who have more depth than just being autistic or ADHD, or their mental health. Oblivious autistics.