New and Upcoming Books from our Community

2024 promises to be an exciting year for Squill Publishing authors – We have almost a dozen new books being born into the world this year…maybe more! Check back here or follow us on socials @squillpublishing for updates on new releases.

Painting of guitar-clock over santa cruz and las vegas

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Embark on a gripping journey through the tumultuous and exhilarating life of a young man as he navigates the intoxicating landscapes of drugs, alcohol, and unforgettable escapades.

In this uproarious chronicle, Steven invites readers into the heart of his twenties and thirties—a time when the redwoods echoed with laughter and every weekend promised a new adventure.

But this memoir isn't just about revelry—it's about the people who made those nights unforgettable. Meet the colorful characters who shared in the madness, the confidantes who laughed with him, and the companions who navigated the winding roads of both the mountains and life itself.

With humor as his compass, the author spins tales of laughter and the kind of self-discovery that only a life fully-lived can offer.

Project Green Beam

After crash-landing in the desert, a shape-shifting extraterrestrial from Chaxuihiri meets Bill, a skateboard-punk from the outskirts of town. Together, they are destined to save humanity and discover new possibilities for humankind. After inheriting Project Green Beam from his deceased father, US Air Force Intelligence Officer George Straw is determined to capture and enslave alien life forms on Earth. Bill and the Alien must go on the lam, altering space-time, before Straw can carry out his father's legacy.

book cover showing downtown junction city oregon in a distorted watercolor

Junction City Stories

In the not-so-distant future, Emperors Xi, Putin, and Trump have formed an alliance, divvying up the territories of the world and ruling their empires with tiny, yet iron, fists.In the concentration camps of California, where dissenters, disabled, and anyone who didn’t fall in with the ultra-religious white nationalists are enslaved or executed, Lakshmi attempts to escape the tortures of experiments carried out by the sadistic camp supervisor, Brian Austin, and his estranged wife, Dr. Margo Wilson.Meanwhile, in Junction City, Oregon, sadistic Stephen Stinson feeds his bloodlust in the form of high-school girls – this time, it’s sixteen-year-old Lily. Further north, a makeshift, ramshackle ‘Kowloon’ city has formed underground, occupied by the few holdouts who have managed to escape the tortures of the American Empire. One of whom, is Lily’s sister, Rudy.
When Rudy and Lakshmi unite in Junction City to rescue Lily, how will they handle Stephen and his isolated dungeon — and their yet-discovered pursuers, Brian and Margo?


“I’m not old enough for this shit,” the old man grumbles. He’s sick of it all – conspicuous consumerism, abuses of authority, backstabbing friends, toxic family. And now being stuck in this ‘assisted’ living facility. He’d never had it in him to do anything about it before, but now, with the early-onset dementia and terminal health conditions, what does he have to lose?

Along the way, he must confront his own identity and what it means to be human in a modern-day dystopia. As he goes on his journey, the old man begins to forget things. He forgets who he is, what he’s doing, and even why he is doing it. But even as he forgets, he continues to fight. He fights for himself, for his loved ones, and for the world he believes in. One thing he doesn’t forget is to take his dog along.

A forget-and-forget revenge thriller where the mystery is figuring out who we are and what the hell we’re doing with our lives. It is a story about how even in the darkest of times, we can find the strength to fight back. About how even when we forget who we are, we can still remember what is important. A story that warrants a second read and will stay with you long after you finish reading it.

Now Available For Paid and Free and Trade for sexy favors.

Good Enough! A book of poems, stories, and art.

Good Enough!

More art and writing than you can shake a quill at! Good Enough! (vol. I) crams an infinite wealth of student art, poetry, essays, and short stories into two-hundred pages of literary goodness.

Featuring the best works of up-and-coming creators and newly-published authors, Good Enough! will take you on a psychedelic journey through the minds, lives, and experiences of these young artists.

All proceeds from the sales of this book go directly to fund student art and writing projects!

Now Available!

You Don't Look Artistic: Subheader: Words and Images to Feed Your Brain Hole

There's art, there's games, it's a coloring book, it's a book of bedtime stories. What the f*ck is it? Even we don't know.

The mythical escaping goats of bear mountain
Disembodied, uh, body parts
An all-new, never-before-seen set of Zodiac ciphers*
Love poems...kinda
Gratuitous use of fonts (it's "art")

What would you do when an eccentric (possibly mad-scientist) editor asks you for your best work for a new publication? Tell him you lost it in the great hard-drive crash of aught-nine, of course. Then send him whatever is sitting around on your desk right then. Obviously.

Featuring some of the semi-best art by Christen Wilkerson, Senia Rodriguez and Nate Butler. We've curated a completely irreverent selection of their work for the pleasure of your right brain. Get out your 64-pack of crayons, because you get to color them in!

Words by Rev. Tweed Jefferson, author of the Rockstar Nobody series. If you like hypothetical drugs, music and murder, you should read them.