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How it works

You like to read, right? Of course you do. Otherwise what are you doing on a publishing website? We want you to read our books – first! When we have a second or third draft of a new book, we’ll send you a PDF or DOC version of the manuscript. It’s your job to read it and provide feedback. Sure, editorial help never hurts, but we’re looking for reader opinions. Tell us why you like or don’t like a passage. Give us your opinions on characters. Suggest things that can happen or that people can say to help build the story. Simple as that!

What you get

All beta readers will have their name printed in the acknowledgments section of the book. You’ll also get a numbered first-edition print copy of the book. If you suggest good ideas, we’ll use them. Then you can forever point out that section of the book and say, “See, that was my idea.”

After you’ve done one book for us, we’ll actually pay you in the ever-deflating US dollar. How much is really based on the quality of notes you send us. It’s about $70-$150 per book (right now), depending on length and the previous feedback you’ve given. In all honesty, we’ll ‘tip’ folks who do an especially good job, so you never know. Do it for the love of literature, not for the money, and we’ll all be a lot happier. If you have a book in the works, this is a great way to connect with other authors, editors, and publishers (hey, that’s us!). I’ll read yours if you read mine.

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