Anonymous Authors

Do you have a story that’s worth telling, but you’re worried about legal ramifications or outing yourself to friends and family? We can help.

We have experience in pseudonym and anonymous publishing. Tweed was even a [specific art] critic for years and has never revealed his pen name. We’ll protect your identity to the death. All records are kept offline and in a secure third-party location. We can even provide you with instructions on how to send your manuscript discreetly and offline. Or how to use vague language and public computers to discuss your publication via email.

When it comes to true stories, we’re adept at adaptation. You write it like it happened and we’ll change the names, places, and anything else that could give you away. As needed, we’ll make your story ‘legal’, to avoid any lawsuits. Don’t even worry about being a master writer. Our editors can interview you, transcribe the interviews, and rewrite them into the traditionally-accepted form. We’ll even go so far as to hire actors for headshots and book readings.

Contact us for additional information, it’ll be just between us, pinky-swear.