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Author, Artist, Weirdo

Moth Wilde

Moth Wilde headshot

If Oscar Wilde and John Keats had a redheaded stepchild together who was exiled to two different deserts and became a kind of desert leprechaun folk-punk poet, that would be Moth.

With a new novel coming in 2024, Moth still finds time to create poetry, paintings, songs, photographs, and a shit-ton of other art.

Moth Wilde book/author page [coming soon] 

Author and Musician

Steven Borella

Introducing Steven Borella, a 36-year-old maverick with a penchant for weaving tales that dance on the edge of recklessness and revelation.

Born and bred in the enchanting embrace of the Santa Cruz mountains, Steven’s roots run deep beneath the redwoods that have witnessed the symphony of his vibrant life.

Armed with both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Steven has mastered the delicate balance between precision and passion in his professional pursuits.

However, in the quiet hours of the night, he transforms into a dedicated writer and musician, where he revels in the boundless freedom of imagination.

His philosophy revolves around creating moments of joy, weaving laughter into the fabric of every shared experience.

Painter, Musician, Writer

Eric Rosales

Stoned Alien Art

Eric Rosales is a painter who is exploring Alien and UFO subject matter through his visual artwork. He is based in North Las Vegas, Nevada which is near the infamous Area 51. 

With an impressionistic focus on technique, he ranges from the more abstract to conceptual side rather than full realism. His work is whimsical in nature and he primarily uses symbolism to come up with new designs and compositions.

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Writer, Poet, Artist, Bibliophile

Emma K. Baeza

Artist and poet Emma K. Baeza

Emma K. Baeza is an English major with a reputation for hoarding books and daydreaming about fictional worlds. She was born and raised in California—which has not helped her dislike of the Sun. She is fascinated with many types of art, including written, drawn, and the art of getting through the day without caffeine.

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Artist and Writer

Mia Altamirano

Artist Mia Altamirano

Hi my name is Mia Altamirano. I am an artist and writer who’s currently studying Art History to become a Professor and teach in the subject. In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, or simply being in the outdoors. I use art to show the depth and beauty of things as well as to express myself in it.

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Artist, Poet, Writer

Arien Alana Reed

Artist Arien Alana Reed

Arien Alana Reed is a mixed media artist and muralist who paints/draws other gender-diverse and intersex people with the hope of bringing joy to trans people, educating allies, and decolonizing the U.S.. He is also a poet and fiction writer whose works center transgender and survivor experiences. When not covered in paint, he volunteers as the secretary of Trans-E-Motion, a grassroots transgender nonprofit serving the California Central Valley. His artwork can be followed on Instagram at @arienreedart and his poetry at @arienreedwriting

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Musician/Serial Killers

The Walls Instead

The Walls Instead is a trio-sometimes-quartet of funk musicians trapped in the lives of a rock band. They write songs about broken hearts, drinking, and being meta.

While traveling the country, playing gigs, they’ll often seek out the ‘bad people’. Those preying on others who are weaker than them. Child abusers, wife beaters (not the shirt), and puppy-killers. There’s a list somewhere. Fan letters. Emails really. That’s how they plan where to go on tour.

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