What is a Squill?

Contrary to conventional belief, there are actually two meanings for ‘Squill’. Sadly, we’re not named after the common nickname for the Scilla plant. The word, in this case, comes from a bastardization of two unrelated words that we mashed together like we were waiting for the viagra to kick in. No, this second, more elusive definition for Squill, it means polymodal creatives or polymodal creating. Not sure which one will stick yet. People who branch out to different arts – writing, painting, design, music, food. Shit, I don’t know what you consider an art. Ikebana. Look at it like your modern day, non-binary “Renaissance Man”.

It really didn’t mean anything until right now when we decided that since Squill isn’t even the real name of the plant, so we should redefine it to mean something cool. I mean, it doesn’t need to go in the dictionary or anything, but I think it’s fair to call the plants ‘scilla’ and use the word for something else. Don’t you? It’s hip to be Squill. Better get Weird Al on the phone, that’s his next hit. We like Weird Al and we like weirdos.

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The Flower of the Publishing World

Now that that's over with, since you only got here by searching for flowers, go to our Home page to see how we define Squill by supporting multi-medium creatives! There are pictures of flowers, I promise. It's all about art, the love of art. And music. And writing. All things that are creative are all things Squill. We work with a variety of unique creators from all walks of life, from the LGBTQI world, to being on the spectrum, to living in America as a BIPOC. Their stories deserve to be told and we're here to tell them.

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